What about Roumania ?

New contracts Since the month of March, EC Romania has signed two new contracts: With Carrefour Romania, for the legislation monitoring pack (monthly reports) With the Grecu & Lawyers law [...]

Two more studies

The National Agency for Sanitary and Environmental Control of Products has tasked Quasar Consulting and EC Wavre with conducting two studies in Tunisia. Develop national plans to monitor major [...]

At the Senso division

An important food-processing group has tasked our sensory analysis laboratory with testing five bolognaise sauces on a panel of 30 people. The team is also working on an important project for [...]

In the media…

In addition to being the manager of AgroExpert, our Canadian subsidiary, Katherine Morissette is a reference in the food sector. She has authored numerous articles in various issues of [...]

Partnership in Sofia

Euro Sensolab Bulgaria and the Union of Food Industries in Bulgaria partnered up to organise a customised training course in sensory analysis for the in-house team of a Bulgarian producer of [...]

The IFS Global Market

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) was founded in 2000, uniting all the worldwide actors of food transformation and distribution around a single goal: to determine and publicise common [...]

The IFS Academy

The IFS Academy was founded in 2008. Its main purpose is to provide a versatile programme of international training courses based on the IFS standards: seminars, presentations, case studies and [...]

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