We believe in the great value of people,
interaction, diversity and imagination.

Culture and Values

Knowledge, human interest and conviction

Our function is more elaborate than merely providing solutions. We are here to help you invigorate your economic and human resources, allowing you to grow steadily and harmoniously.

Our knowledge

  • Competencies of our teams, partners and subcontractors;
  • Scientific knowledge: exact sciences (agronomy, biology, nutrition…) and social sciences (management, organisation, communication…);
  • Methods and tools: listening actively, PAPA, OMABI …

Our human interest

We believe in the great value of people, interaction, diversity and imagination. We prefer to build bridges over hierarchies and to communicate over instructing.

We will allow anyone to develop his own experience, on the condition that everyone will benefit. We prefer flexibility over structures. We prefer enthusiasm and inspiration over achievements and tranquillity.

Our method is a way of life. It allows us to be what we are: different.

Our convictions

  • Help each individual to discover his own identity and to be authentic;
  • Allow each individual to find happiness and to share it with others;
  • Contribute to well-being;
  • Take work seriously, not yourself;
  • We do not work with customers, subcontractors or suppliers, we work with partners;
  • Grow and make people grow.

Operational force

We have said it before: we prefer flexibility above structures, therefore we have developed a new way of working.

With each new project we create a “bubble”, meaning we put together a multidisciplinary team that will collaborate until the project is finished. Because of this, there is a greater interactivity among competencies, the decision making line is shortened and operational efficiency is enhanced.

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