Group Profile

NSF Euro Consultants is an international group specialized in efficiency improvement within organizations. It gives advice and training, performs audits, carries out studies and provides technical support.

The company is cooperating with leading names in retail, catering and production and is continuously involved in development aid financed by large international institutes.

NSF Euro Consultants has systematically expanded its activities from Belgium to 4 other continents.

At present the group is able to respond to the needs of international clients through its branches in Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania and France.

In just over 20 years the group has established itself on a national and international level as an integrated partner in development and improvement of products, systems and organisations.

Its core activity began in food, but soon expanded to leather, rubber and textiles. In the meantime, perfumery and paramedical products have also become part of the international competency areas of this group.

The group:

NSF Euro Consultants is also operating in several other countries with different partners and delegates. 

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