NSF Euro Consultants – Belgium

  • Main office : Wavre – Belgium
  • Date of founding : 1990
  • Markets : Belgium, several countries in North and Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle-East.
  • Core business : hygiene and food security in the agro-industry.
  • Positioning : One-stop Shop dedicated to company efficiency improvement.
  • References : Carrefour, Delhaize, Match, Compass Group, Aramark, European Commission, World Bank, UNIDO, national cooperation funds …

Euro Consultants is a Belgian society founded in 1990. It acts as external advisor or operations assistant in quality, agri-food and agro-industrial sectors. The company is active in counselling, training, auditing, operational assistance and research.

From its leading position in agro-industrial health and food security, the company has established itself as a multidisciplinary partner in efficiency improvement within organisations (management consulting).

As from 1990, the experience, competencies and motivation of the multidisciplinary Euro Consultant team has permitted collaboration with the most well-known names in distribution and catering.

Euro Consultants is highly active in development aid financed by important international organisations in some thirty countries.

To meet the growing needs of the market, Euro Consultants has created the Euro Consultants group. With this network we want to create a model of expertise that is tailored to the needs of our customers, but mostly we wish to achieve a harmonized model that is particularly responsive to the current demands of different markets. In a highly competitive environment, creating this network allows us to reinforce our international position as a consultancy organisation based on human values.

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