NSF Euro Consultants – Bulgaria

  • Main office: 87, Kniaz Aleksandar Dondukov Blvd., fl. 1, 1527 Sofia, Bulgarie
  • Date of foundation: february 2013
  • Market: Bulgaria
  • Core business: Improving the quality and safety of food products, cosmetics and detergents. International project management, technical support and training in areas related to food security.
  • Positioning: a reliable partner in performance optimization of production companies and/or retailers of food, cosmetics and detergents.

Reliable B2B partner

The company is positioning itself as a reliable partner of local and international players in retail, agri-food and catering. It is involved in quality management improvement and food security monitoring in the food and non-food industry.

NSF Euro Consultants Bulgaria is a ONE- STOP partner with a broad range of “tailor-made” services. It offers solutions to any questions involving quality and security of food products, cosmetics and detergents:

  • Technical support in the development of private label products;
  • Regulatory advice and monitoring;
  • Sensory analysis: product development and competitive product placement during a product’s full life cycle;
  • Assistance and advice in labelling;
  • Representation at control authorities;
  • Specialized audits in the retail, food, cosmetics, hotel and catering industry;
  • Specific research and expert training in the food and cosmetics industry.

Reliable B2I partner

NSF Euro Consultants Bulgaria is also active in project management for international institutes as the European Commission and the World Bank, amongst others.

NSF Euro Consultants Bulgaria is an expert in managing international projects for institutes. It offers training and technical assistance in matters related to food security. It relies on the competencies, talents and experience of both internal and local experts, but also on our extensive network of international experts whose knowhow is top-notch.

NSF Euro Consultants Bulgaria is fully equipped to guide you in these processes with a global approach that is attuned to your specific needs, context and philosophy. It offers support on different levels: audits and monitoring, research, training and framework, advice and guidance, operational support.

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