NSF Canada

  • Main office: Quebec – Canada
  • Date of founding: 2001
  • Market: Canada
  • Core business: quality and security management in the food industry
  • Positioning: pioneer of quality and security management systems
  • References: Bonduelle, MarVini, La Bourgeoise, Lassonde, Marie Morin, Alleghanys,…

NSF Canada specializes in food security and quality management in the food and agro-industry

  • Food processing companies
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail
  • Storage companies
  • Packaging companies
  • Food retailers
  • Raw material processing companies
  • Institutes (education, associations, certifying agencies, government institutes…)

NSF Canada is:

  • over 50 GFSI-certified customers and several on-going certifications,
  • over 15.000 people who have been trained in Quebec,
  • knowhow of some 100 experts throughout the world,
  • one technical GFSI-standard revisor and one member of the GFSI Technical Working Group,
  • a training centre that has been recognized by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (employment commission of Quebec),
  • an organization that has been recognized by the Quebec ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food (MAPAQ) for its training program ‘Hygiene and Food security’,
  • and a whole lot more…

NSF Canada is offering the following services:

  • ISO 9000-14 000-22000
  • GFSI (FSSC 22000, SQF 2000, IFS, BRC)
  • PGQ
  • AIB Packaging
  • Internal audits
  • Hygiene and food security
  • Following up food security during maintenance
  • Performing quality audits within the framework of an SMQ
  • Use and importance of the ISO 14001-standard in eco-management
  • Good hygiene practises in storage and transport
  • Tracability
  • Determining a product’s life cycle
  • Chemical hazards related to food
  • Crisis management in food processing companies
  • GFSI and its applications
  • Management of an auto control system
  • By offering counselling when implementing, maintaining and updating food safety management systems, NSF Canada is helping many companies in implementing standards that lead to unsolicited certificates and regulatory compliance, such as HACCP/PASA, ISO 9000-14 000-22000, GFSI (FSSC 22000, SQF 2000, IFS, BRC), BPH, BPF, OHSAS, PGQ, Non GMO, biological , fair trade, Halal, food hygiene, natural products, allergen-free (nut free, gluten free, etc.), other certifications adapted to your products (soil, reserved designation, etc.) , AIB Packaging and other packaging standards.
  • Organizational, strategic and management counselling
  • Development and innovation counselling
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Gap audit (GAP analysis)
  • Dry run audit
  • Internal audit
  • Supplier audit
  • Second party audit
  • Infrastructure audit
  • Automated control audit
  • Analytics audit
  • Surface control audit
  • Hygiene audit
  • Competitive audit
  • Sample audit
Technical support
  • Assistance in obtaining subsidies going up to 75%, for our service of implementing these systems.
  • Assistance in setting up an auto control system (HACCP) and a food security management system leading up to certification.
  • Assistance in handling complaints through investigation and sampling, in cases where food poisoning is suspected; external assistance to manage your customer’s complaints and assistance in notifying the authorities.
  • Assistance in routine retail activities or in developing retail activities (network management, making knowledge available for the customer’s health control plan, advice on installing or following-up a certification project, store inspections, supplier audits, elaborate a scope statement, guidance).

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