NSF Romania

  • Main office: Drumul Taberei nr. 96, Bl. 521, Sc.1, Ap. 1, Bucarest, Romania
  • Date of founding: July 2014
  • Market: Roumania
  • Core business: quality management in cosmetics and food and non-food products. Following up of food safety training sessions.
  • Positioning: reliable partner for assistance in “custom” quality management and safety control in the food, non-food, detergents and cosmetics industry.
NSF Romania

NSF Romania was founded in Bucharest, Romania in July 2014. The Romanian branch is the second long-term partnership of NSF Euro Consultants in Eastern Europe.

A reliable B2B partner

NSF Romania is a trustworthy partner for international groups in the regional wholesale, catering and hotel industry and is providing support in quality management and food security.

NSF Romania is offering its partners a broad range of “custom” services:

  • Technical support in the development of a private label
  • Advice on legislation concerning food safety, cosmetics and non-food products
  • Sensory analysis of food products, cosmetics and detergents
  • Advice and assistance in labelling food products, cosmetics, detergents and non-food products.
  • Specialized audits in the retail, hotel and catering industry

NSF Romania is fully qualified to assist you in these processes and uses a global approach that is tailored to your specific needs to guide you on different levels: audits and control, research, training and assistance, counselling and guidance, operational support.

The young and motivated team is led by Giorgiana Jelescu. It consists of qualified professionals with an extensive knowledge in their own field and adequate experience in food and retail.

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