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3 December 2014: two training sessions on ‘Allergens in our kitchens’ given by Fabien Delaite and Stefaan Potums, had been sold out for weeks. It’s a Bidvest initiative. A large program was presented in an original menu format with as a starter the new legal requirements; the main dish treated the scientific and medical issues of allergens in food; procedures to apply in restaurants were served as a dessert.

There was a studious atmosphere but also a passionate final debate with all those chefs and managers confronted with a very complex matter.

The issue is a major one since today 3% of the adults and 8% of our children are diagnosed with moderate to severe allergy with potential anaphylactic shocks. This public health problem can be tackled with a clear, precise and accessible consumer information available at all time. In view of the initiative’s success, training sessions will be extended in 2015.

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