Eggs, poultry meat and egg-products contaminated by fipronil residues

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It‘s not only an issue of human health, it‘s also an issue of consumer confidence. Make sure you are on top of it.

What happened?

The consumer and the industry are raising a lot of questions on the contamination of eggs with insecticide in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.  The contamination is thought to have been caused by mixing insecticide with a cleaning agent. This cleaning agent was then sold to chicken farms.

As a precautionary measure, retailers are taking millions of eggs from the shelves after finding traces of the insecticide Fipronil. As the situation changes rapidly, we advise you to inform yourself on the websites of the federal authorities, for latest updates and press releases.

What to do ?

1. Traceability

Make sure you have your traceability system in place and up to date. As a precaution, list all your egg suppliers and prepare a list of products containing eggs or egg derivatesas an ingredient. This will help you to improve your response times in the case of product recalls or alert notifications by the authorities.

2. Collect information and stay updated on a daily basis

You can subscribe to the latest press-releases or check for any updates on the official website of the national or European food safety authorities. Here is a short list of valuable website links where you can find more information and updates.

If in any way these events affect your business directly or if you have doubts about specific measures that you would like to take, you can mail us at or fill in our contact form here. We will then get you in touch with our subject matter experts.

3. Take preventive measures to reassure your clients or customers

Don’t wait to be forced to destroy suspicious batches of eggs or derived products. As a preventive measure, but also from a commercial perspective, you can already self-check your products now through our lab services.

NSF Euro Consultants offers product analysis on the presence of Fipronil, Fipronil Desulfinyl, Fipronil Sulfide, and Fipronil Sulfone in eggs and derived products, according to the appropriate  accredited procedure GCMS-NCI-SIM.


4. Communicate with your clients

Make sure that your clients and consumers are reassured.

We can help you to implement a dedicated e-mailbox, activate a dedicated phone number or intervene as a subject matter expert on your behalf. We can cope with any problems or questions from your clients or customers. NSF Euro Consultants supports the complete inbound communication process by taking care of all incoming calls and information requests for you. We have scientific experts standing by who can give professional advice to any food safety related issue. These experts are kept up to date by the minute by our regulatory and media monitoring service so they do not miss out on any update.

Contact us

Are you still unsure about what to do or how to respond to these events? Contact us, and we will get you in touch with our experts.

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