Euro Consultants Group and Belgian Bankers Academy go for a strategic partnership

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ECG is specialized in upgrading quality in organisations (management consulting). The group acts mainly in food production and food industry. BBA assists the financial sector and banking and insurance industries, on Belgian and international level. The BBA activities are concentrated on three business lines: audit and consultancy, training and private sector development.

”This partnership strengthens the ECG ONE STOP SHOP character by broadening its competences and financial expertise, notably for its activities linked to institutional funding of the private sector.” says Jean-Jacques Adam, ECG President. “With the ECG support BBA reinforces its technical and administrative structures to search and manage projects which will accelerate our activities”, adds André Taymans, Chairman of the BBA Management Board.

Sabine Laruelle, Institutional Vice President at ECG joins BBA as Vice Chairman of the Management Board.
Frédéric Lernoux, Chief Executive of BBA, joins ECG as Strategy & Business development Vice President.

Belgian Bankers Academy (BBA) is a non-profit organisation under Belgian law which assists the financial sector and banking and insurance industries, including the microfinance sector, on national and international level.


BBA was founded in 1997 by the Belgian Banking Association (now Febelfin) to facilitate the integration of its international activities.

BBA works with a permanent structure led by Chief Executive, Frédéric LERNOUX, and over 300 national and international experts who contribute within their domain of competence to the BBA projects. Because of the diversity and high quality of expertise BBA is able to submit technical tenders with a high added value and to meet the specific expectations of beneficiaries. Furthermore BBA relies on its expertise to implement (financial) tools facilitating the creation, development and management of small and medium-sized companies (« financing the missing middle »).

The BBA activities are subdivided into three business lines:

Audit and Consultancy
BBA creates development dynamics for financial services by assisting (central) banks, financial institutions and training institutes. Its core business consists mainly in supplying services and consultancy for financial activities and products, as well as giving pedagogical and technical assistance for the development and spread of training programmes.

BBA sets up methodologies based on processes of reflexion and evolutive and structured actions allowing to react proactively to new challenges in the financial sector, environment changes and new product evolutions. Training is subdivided in four main axes:

  • Traditional seminars
  • Workshops
  • Bank simulations
  • Academic programmes

Some years ago BBA has decided to set up a series of academic courses to enable professionals of the banking world to keep up with the fast evolutions in their sector. These courses are elaborated and implemented in association with recognised European universities and business schools and lead to an official certificate. The courses last one year and a halve to two years and are given by academic staff and experienced banking industry professionals.

According to the customer’s demand BBA offers a pure training, consultancy services or a combination of both.

Banking simulations
BBA has built up a strong international reputation in developing and implementing computer based simulations used in active training for the banking and financial sector. These programmes combine conceptual training courses with practical exercises in a virtual business environment to ally concepts to daily practice simulations.

In recent years BBA has developed and updated permanently four banking simulations and one business simulation:

  • Credit risk management (CredSim and CredStrat)
  • Bank financial management basics (BankSim)
  • Bank branch performance management (BranchSim)
  • Business management (ComSim).

You find more information about BBA on its website:


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