Euro Consultants opens the doors of its sensory laboratory

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On the 25th of November, Euro Consultants opened the facilities of its Evere sensory division to some twenty food-processing industrialists. The sensory division in Evere is one of the group’s 5 laboratories, two of which are in Belgium (one in Evere, and one in Antwerp).

The day started with a guided tour of the laboratory, with an emphasis on the organisation of the tests, IT processing and the confidentiality of the results. Following the visit, a masterfully orchestrated tasting session was carried out in a studious atmosphere. Some participants even asked that their own product be evaluated…

The second part of the day consisted of a presentation that showed the broad and diverse approach used by Euro Consultants, ranging from the basic hedonic and monadic tests to label assessments, nutritional values, competitive positioning, and more.

The last part was practical through and through, bringing precise answers to specific questions that industrialists might ask themselves: Why don’t consumers like my product? What is my new recipe worth? How does my product compare with its competition? Am I too expensive? And of course, how much do these sensory tests cost?… All of this was illustrated by the presentation of the results of the tasting session, less than an hour after the last bite was taken, who can top that?

An alert and impressed audience, and a friendly atmosphere around drinks and sandwiches befitting the event… One of many reviews… “we came to learn, and also to get to know Euro Consultants, and we were not disappointed…”

Given the success, a second session will be hosted on the 13th of January 2016 at noon… 2 spots are still available…

The sensory team (Aurore, Gaëlle, Sophie, David, Pierre-Emmanuel, Fabien and Claude)

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