Fine attendance at the K.Retail / NSF Euro Consultants stand

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During the Suppliers’ Day organised by Carrefour on the 9th of June, the K.Retail / NSF Euro Consultants stand proved extremely popular. The entire Retail Bubble as well as 3 experts from K.Retail in Paris did their best to answer the questions raised by Luc Bonfond’s presentation on the advantages of the K.Retail software and its cost/efficiency ratio, which is higher than that of other software on the market. Appointments have already been made with all “migrated” Specpro and TraceOne suppliers to meet their information and training requirements…

Carrefour also made great progress with the sensory panels organised by NSF Euro Consultants for over 500 products. Out of 177 noncompliant products, 80% were corrected… At the 2014 MasterCook panels, 388 tests were carried out and 173 products validated.

In the area of public health, 108 products were assessed in 2015 for salt content and 62 improved. Salt content was reduced in 17 products and adjusted in 45. The result was a 7.2-tonne salt reduction: good news for our hearts and arteries… A similar reduction plan for saturated fatty acids is also bearing fruit.

These days, a sensory-analysis lab is as essential as a microbiology lab to ensure and check the quality of our foodstuffs.

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