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Mandatory as of December 13th 2016

A large part of the European regulation for Consumer Information on Food (INCO), which was published in 2011, came into force on December 13th 2014. An extended deadline was granted on certain matters. The regulation involves food products, both pre-packaged and not pre-packaged, that are served in cafeterias, restaurants, caterers, hypermarket and supermarket counters…

What became mandatory on December 13th 2014?

14 compulsory indications, most of which were taken from previous legislation, with a few adjustments, including:

  • legibility and size of characters,
  • allergen identification (from a list of 14 major substances that cause allergies or intolerances),
  • indication of origin of food and/or raw materials,
  • transparency of supplied data.

In addition to this, what will be mandatory on December 13th 2016?

Nutritional values

The regulation specifies the form (chart, linear…), the order (where to indicate omega-3s?) and the rules (rounding, tolerance) that must be used to communicate nutritional values. They include energy values as well as fat, saturated fatty acid, carbohydrate, protein and sugar content, and in some cases vitamin and minerals content. They will have to appear on all pre-packaged foods (with a few exceptions) as of December 13th 2016.

Who can I contact?

EC has been controlling labels on food products for more than 10 years. Our mission includes claims and allergen control as well as the respect of regulations on nutritional values. We have in-depth expertise, which includes skills (senior experts), tools (EasyEtiket software) and a BELAC certified laboratory (chemical analyses) for good data communication. EC can also support you throughout this compliance procedure by supplying strategic advice, specific studies, and much more.

Don’t wait

The regulation will come into full force in 6 months. After December 13th, you may be fined and/or have any non-compliant products removed…

Ask for an inventory, advice, an offer and more… at EC’s “Specification and Labelling” department, via Fabien Delaite or Claude Biéva:

Reference: European Parliament and Counsel Regulation n°1169/2011 of October 25th, 2011 for consumer information on food (Official Journal of the European Union, 22/11/2011)

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