Mounir Mahjoub attends Quebec Fish Processors Association congress

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The Quebec Fish Processors Association held its annual congress in Quebec from the 27th to the 29th of January. Facing the members and the foreign importing partners (Europe, Korea, Japan… The Americans were unable to attend due to the monstrous storm) as well as the deputy minister for commercial fishing and aquaculture, A Niang, and the main representatives of the Quebec and Canadian ministers (Fisheries and Oceans Canada), Mounir Mahjoub, Vice-Chairman of the Euro Consultants Group, spoke about the recent free trade agreements and the communication required to market the produce of the Quebec fishing industries in the EU.

Because of the CETA free trade agreements, the tax cuts and common standards and the subsequent renewed interest in the European market, manufacturers and businesses need help regarding their knowledge of the market, positioning, compliance, labelling, and so on.

In the picture, starting on the right: the deputy minister for fishing, the president and the director of the QFPA, and Mounir Mahjoub.

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