New health regulations in the United States affect European producers and exporters

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The FDA’s (Food Drug Administration) Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA), signed on January 4th 2011, enters into application in September 2016, with a timetable spread over 2 years according to the sector and the size of the companies.

This legislation applies to American and imported food products (both for food and feed). The requirements are close to the GFSI versions, incorporating the responsibility of assessing the ability of the suppliers to meet health requirements and any risks of food fraud, just like the BRC v7 regulation (even though the formal differences can make it quite confusing).

There are direct consequences for American importers, who are now accountable for their suppliers, but also for the carriers, who are now required to prove that their transportation is clean and safe.

Consequently, quality managers in companies from all over the world that wish to export to the US now have a bit of extra work to do. It will no longer be enough to produce their BRC, ISO, GFSI certificates, or any other. Especially since the FDA will not accept all the certificates issued by third-party certification bodies.

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