QMS and automation marketing for Electrabel

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Electrabel has contacted QMS, out Antwerp subsidiary, for two automation marketing projects, using the Snap Survey software to collect data on clients and prospects of electricity suppliers and to segment it based on the test results.

During this process, which is entirely automated (an “end-to-end” solution), Snap is linked to Electrabel’s software, allowing them to use all the marketing data to create tailored offers for the clients. These are mostly offers for extra services, like heating installation check-ups for large and middle size building.

Meanwhile, Snap compiles the answers to study the behaviour of participants and transmits the additional data to the marketing department so that they are able to adapt the offers and the sales strategy.

After last year’s very positive experience with the black out scan – which will take place again this year – the two projects were completed in record time in order to allow an external launch during the month of September.

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