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QMS brought its Snap Survey software to the “ICT & Health Care” Conference at the Montil in Affligem. Our subsidiary set up its booth at the fair and sponsored two conferences. The first dealt with automation, while the second highlighted the importance of measuring the rate of satisfaction in the hospital world.

How to improve indicator management while saving on labour?
Jef Coenen, Q & S consultant, independent

The Flemish Federation for Emergency Room Hospital Personnel (Beroepsorganisatie Vlaamse Vereniging van Verpleegkundigen Spoedgevallenzorg – VVVS) itself is carrying out a comparative study of emergency rooms.
Geert Berden, Nurse – Head of Department at the Trudo Clinic in Sint-Truiden

You can find information about this conference on this page www.isvcongres.be

Why use Snap Survey in the field of health care?

The Snap Survey software is currently used by around 40 hospitals, nursing and rest homes in the Netherlands, Flanders and Brussels to measure the level of satisfaction of patients and residents and to collect quality indicators in the framework of the Vlaams Indicatorenproject (Flemish indicator project). It is also used to manage rehabilitation journeys and the digitalisation of medical surveys or internal audit checklists.

A pilot project is currently being led, alongside the VVVS, to assess and compare satisfaction levels in the emergency room. The participating institutions include, amongst others, the UZ Gent, the AZ Damiaan in Ostend, the AZ Turnhout, the St-Trudo Clinic, the Heilig Hart Clinic in Lier and the AZ Sint-Niklaas, and contacts were established with seven other hospitals.

A base set has been developed, in collaboration with the hospital sector quality expert, comprised of 12 measuring tools. You can find out how to improve the efficiency of quality surveys in your hospital on the project’s website: http://pt3.nl/

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