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QMS (Quality & Marketing Solutions) has carried out a quality study for TEC, a public transportation company in south of Belgium. The survey cover the expectations and needs of users believing that they lack information about schedules, lines, prices and possible public transport rerouting.

The information was gathered through three group discussions in Wavre, Liège and Charleroi bringing together students, people using TEC for commuting transportation and for private travelling. The study allows TEC to define priorities in used information channels and contents and to improve the complaint management.

Our Antwerp subsidiary has also conducted a satisfaction survey in the Foreign Ministry restaurants catered by Eurest. The survey including 150 customers was carried out by Qurrent Consulting and Euro Consultants Waver auditors. The results will be used to draw an action plan improving the quality of the food and the environment of the restaurant.

QMS is also involved in a quality survey with the magazine “Psychologies” on the Saforelle products dedicated to treat vaginal dryness. The main goal is: awareness of the needs and expectations of women affected by this kind of problem and the solution they are looking for.

The action was spread over three phases: samples were given to a selected panel of women, results were collected after three weeks using and finally a roundtable meeting managed by a psychologist.

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