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On the 21st of April, Qurrent Consulting and Easy Etiket (www.easyetiket.be) signed an agreement regarding the marketing in Belgium of the Easy Etiket allergen management software.

The Easy Etiket software allows you to manage:

  • technical datasheets of raw materials
  • acceptances
  • allergens
  • nutritional values
  • meal/recipe costs

What’s more, Easy Etiket produces:

  • labels on a classic printer
  • information posters for the consumer
  • display desks to inform the consumer/client
  • lists of raw materials and their origins

Because it is so easy to use (developed using MS Excel), it allows you to stay in line with the INCO legislation without needing major investments and it is for sale for only 109 euros (VTA not included). It will soon be available in 4 languages (FRENCH, DUTCH, GERMAN, ENGLISH).

Target market: small craftsmen, community kitchens, caterers, hotels, restaurants, retail businesses, bakers, butchers, and so on. In short: PMEs that have, more often than not, small budgets.

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