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Consumer Insights

Objective: greater insight into consumers and into the market

Methodology: qualitative and quantitative market research, sensory analysis, survey software

For: – Companies and organisations that would like to optimize their sales strategy and bring better products on the market

– Market researchers, moderators, marketing departments in companies and organisations

– Authorities, academic institutions and researchers

Insight into consumers

Smart products and services respond to the ever changing needs of consumers. As such, you need a clear idea of what consumers are thinking so that you can make the right decisions when it comes to sales and marketing.

An effective sales strategy begins with insight into consumers. That way, you can bring better products on the market.

We can support you, from the concept to the final product.

NSF Euro Consultants will be with you throughout the process, from the development of your idea to dealing with complaints. We do this for every one of your products, globally.

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I want to understand
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NSF Euro Consultants helps you to collect data properly and interpret it according to appropriate methodology: qualitative research, quantitative research or sensory analysis.

Market researcher services

As a market researcher, you often have to overcome logistical issues that are not part of your core tasks: a well-equipped and discrete observation room, catering for participants in a discussion group.

Field research


Good decision-making is based on insight. Insight that is gained through well-considered methodological research.


Consumer Insights services

Qualitative research
Qualitative research

B2B (c-level) and B2C in-depth interviewing, oniline discussion forums, classic focus groups facilitation. We have our own fully equipped observation rooms.

To facilitate your needs, we provide a large database of panel members, professional moderation in your chosen language(s), transcription & translation services to all European languages.

You can count on our absolute discretion during any session we facilitate in our premises.

Quantitative research
Quantitative research

Complete range of quantitative research services such as telephonic surveys, web and mobile, kiosque, face 2 face, paper surveys.

We provide a large respondent database, a national network of interviewers and expertise and tools to plan and organise all kinds of fieldwork.

Sensory analysis
Sensory analysis

We can conduct product benchmarking, recipe analysis, packaging evaluation, microbiological analysis, expiry date testing.

Our experts can also facilitate your own projects on site. We run fully equipped sensory labs in Belgium, Romania, Tunisia and Bulgaria.

Survey software
Survey software

With Snap Surveys software you can create any type of online, mobile, paper and kiosk surveys in any language.
Snap contains powerful analysis and reporting functionalities, and integrates with your own databases.

We provide support services to help you in your research projects. All respondent data is securely stored and hosted in a certified environment.

Observation rooms for hire
Observation rooms for hire

You want to conduct qualitative research in a professional setting? We have fully equipped observation rooms at your disposal in Brussels and Antwerp and add all the facilities and support that you need to ensure your research project runs smoothly.

Why NSF Euro Consultants

With NSF Euro Consultants, you are in the safe hands of an international network of experts. We are never far away and speak the local language.

We boast an arsenal of methodologies and our own infrastructure, allowing us to tailor our approach to your project. You can choose to outsource your entire project or let us take care of specific aspects.

You have access to a network of specialists and (nutrition) experts who can provide the necessary support for your project.


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