Field research

Objective: gain insight that leads to better policy decisions

Methodology: data collection via online, face-to-face and telephone surveys, recruitment of field researchers, planning and coordination of field work, data capture and cleaning, data analysis

For: authorities, academic institutions and researchers

Good decision-making requires insight

Good decision-making is based on insight. Insight that is gained through well-considered methodological research.

The route to insight is often riddled with obstacles: How large a sample do I need? What questioning methods should I use? Who will deal with all the questionnaires? What software can I use?

We can help you

NSF Euro Consultants offers a comprehensive range of professional methods for generating the data that you need: qualitative research, quantitative research and sensory analysis. We have excellent survey software .

  • You will receive the data that you need in the format that you need so that you can make a start on your research immediately.
  • You have no need to be concerned about inaccuracies. We integrate quality and validation checks so that data is imported correctly at source.  Automated data import and links to your databases help to minimise the likelihood of errors.
  • Our international network means that you need only one partner.
  • We offer a bespoke service. You can commission us to perform all of your research or just the parts of it that you need.
  • You will gain additional clout and effectiveness thanks to shorter project throughput times.

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