Observation rooms for hire

Objective: create the ideal environment for your research

Methodology: professionally equipped observation rooms

For:  companies that need professional observation rooms

Looking for a professional observation room?

Prefer to conduct the research yourself, but need the space to do it in? Are you a moderator looking for somewhere for your discussion groups? Perhaps you’re tired of logistical issues such as looking for interpreters, organising catering or receiving respondents?

We can help.

Rooms with facilities and utmost discretion.

Professionally equipped observation rooms with the facilities that you need.

  • We ensure a warm and welcoming reception for respondents
  • We take care of the catering
  • We ensure that you will not be interrupted
  • Your research takes place in a discrete environment
  • If needed, we can supply interpreters or moderators, recruit panel members, provide discussion guides, transcriptions, etc.
  • You can follow discussions through a one-way mirror and via CCTV.

All of our rooms are equipped with:

  • CCTV with camera and microphone
  • Simultaneous interpreting equipment
  • Laptop and projector
  • CD recorder and audio recording and playback
  • Flipchart
  • Internet connection
  • Cable television
  • Telephone/fax/e-mail/copying facilities
  • Didactic equipment (ballpoint pens, pencils, markers, scissors, magazines, etc.)

We would be delighted to help you

Please get in touch and let us work with you on a solution

  • You can count on utmost discretion
  • You can work with professional equipment in pleasant, inviting surroundings.
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