Qualitative research

Objective: insight into the underlying motivations of a certain target group

Methodology: we seek out the best methodology for every question (discussion group, in-depth inverviews, etc.)

For: companies or institutions that require a deeper insight into the behaviour and motivation of a target group

The answer behind the answer

Qualitative research generates in-depth insight by giving you a picture of the wishes, motivations, opinions, experiences and requirements of a target group. It provides answers to questions relating to the ‘why’ of certain behaviours.

Qualitative research is also the ideal method for getting a certain target group to conceive ideas, for example within the context of product innovations or future policy.

The results of qualitative research provide an indicative image of how a certain target group thinks about a certain issue.

The right method for every research question

We use an in-depth briefing to clarify your research question. This ensures effective research design.

NSF Euro Consultants boasts a range of qualitative research methods:

  • Face-to-face interviews (in-depth interviews)
  • Online discussion groups.
  • Discussion groups. We take care of everything so that you don’t have to:
    • Observation room
    • Catering
    • Moderation
    • Discussion guides
    • Recruitment and preliminary screening of the panel
    • Live interpreting on request
    • Live broadcasting
    • Session transcription

We have:

  • Fully-equipped observation rooms in Antwerp and Brussels
  • A large database of panel members
  • Professional moderators who speak the local language
  • Options for translation of all European languages
  • Absolute discretion and no interruptions during research sessions

We would be delighted to help you

Please get in touch and let us work on a solution with you. NSF Euro Consultants can:

  • Thoroughly analyse your research question and advise you on the methodology to use (research design, size of sample, respondent recruitment, etc.)
  • Collect data according to one of our methods.
  • Process the data.  You will always receive a written overview report and an oral presentation.
  • Interpret the data. Using these in-depth insights, we support you in coming to the right conclusions and taking the right action.
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