Quantitative research

Objective: gain insights from a representative sample of your target group(s)

Methodology: we seek out the best methodology for every issue (online survey, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, etc.)

For: market researchers, marketing departments in companies and institutions, product developers, etc.

Statistical insight

Are you looking for answers to questions such as:

  • How many customers are happy with our service?
  • How many young people would be interested in purchasing my product?
  • How many women are familiar with my brand?
  • What was the impact of my last promotional activity?

Quantitative research can give you the statistical insight that you need. This research method allows you to question a large number of respondents, giving you statistically reliable information.

The right method for every research question.

We use an in-depth briefing to clarify your research question. This ensures effective research design.

NSF Euro Consultants boasts a range of quantitative research methods:

  • Personal interviews (on location, at home, at work, etc.)
  • Telephone interviews
  • Interviews on the street
  • Online surveys
  • Paper-based surveys by post
  • Mystery shopping
  • Installation of (tablet) kiosks
  • QR code-based surveys

We also have:

  • Outstanding survey software (Snap Survey software)
  • A large database of respondents
  • An international network of interviewers
  • The skills and tools for fieldwork planning and organisation
  • Specialised infrastructure (observation rooms)

We would be delighted to help you

Please get in touch and let us work on a solution with you. NSF Euro Consultants can:

  • Thoroughly analyse you research question and advise you on the methodology to use (research design, size of sample, respondent recruitment)
  • Collect data according to one of our methods
  • Statistically process the data
  • Interpret the data and provide appropriate facts and figures. We support you in turning these insights into concrete actions
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