Survey software

Objective: creation and management of interesting online, mobile, paper-based and kiosk surveys

Methodology: high-quality survey software with analysis capability adapted to your needs, helpdesk support, training and advice for organising surveys and for analysis of results

For:  companies that wish to collect and analyse data by means of surveys

Can’t see the wood for the trees?

Data analysis may seem daunting, even for experienced researchers.

Finding software that generates a unique survey experience for respondents and that provides powerful user-friendly analysis for the researcher is no easy task.


Snap, the perfect survey partner

What Snap can do for you:

  • Creates interesting online, mobile, paper-based and kiosk surveys
  • Has surveys in any language
  • Provides powerful analysis and automated reporting
  • Offers two-way integration into your database
  • Provides world-class support services
  • Supported by an in-house team of researchers, graphic and software designers
  • Offers certified data protection
  • Provides a range of system and hardware options
  • Provides a wide range of software functions

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  • Our advanced and flexible functions allow you to create professional surveys that match your brand image, add visual and attractive questions to your survey and ensure that each survey is carefully tailored to the participant
  • You can conduct interviews on-site thanks to Snap Mobile Anywhere
  • There is a whole world of user-friendly and professional data processing at your fingertips: complete results in a formatted questionnaire, instant summary reports, personalised reports, targeted and constructive analysis.
  • You are not alone. We offer wide-ranging support: helpdesk, videos and worksheets, online and face-to-face training.

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