Better marketing
of your product

I want to understand my consumers better

Objective: better marketing of your product

Methodology: qualitative and quantitative market research, sensory analysis

For: companies and organisations that would like to optimize their sales strategy and bring better products on the market

What exactly do consumers expect?

You would like to launch a new product or service or enhance an existing product, but :

  • where should you start?
  • How can you find out if a certain market is of interest to you?
  • How can you see things from the perspective of consumers?
  • How can you determine a market positioning strategy that can really make a difference?
  • How can you conceive the best innovations?
  • How can you measure customer satisfaction?
  • How can you best approach product benchmarking?
  • How can you measure the effect of your promotional activities?

From consumer insight to consumer identity


NSF Euro consultants helps you to collect data properly and interpret it according to appropriate methodology: qualitative research, quantitative research or sensory analysis. We give you a 360° image of the consumer.

But we also go one step further. We give consumers an identity and use the data to generate a consumer narrative that you can convert into targeted action. This way, your company will never miss a growth opportunity.

A better product for consumers,
better sales figures for you

Our way of working ensures that you gain an accurate insight into consumers and into the market itself. We also support you in turning these insights into concrete actions, allowing you to deliver not only an outstanding product but also giving you the peace of mind that you are reaching the correct market segments.

Consumers can enjoy a better product or an improved service, while you can enjoy higher sales figures.

Whether you choose to outsource all of your research to us, or just certain aspects of your project, we tailor our work to your requirements and act with utmost discretion.

Please get in touch and let us work on a solution with you.

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