Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA) services

Goal: enable compliance against FSMA regulatory requirements

Methodology: certified training and optimisation of your food safety management systems

For: companies and organisations exporting – or planning to export – food or feed to the United States

New FDA regulations for companies importing to the USA

U.S. food importers are responsible for verifying that their foreign suppliers have sufficient preventive measures in place to ensure that the food they produce is safe. Exporters shipping to the U.S. must have a food safety plan, starting with a hazard analysis, proper documentation and will be held accountable for meeting these requirements.

Added verification is required for foods considered high-risk, including fruits, vegetables and other ready-to-eat items. Imported foods failing to meet FSMA rules and standards can be denied entry into the U.S. The mandatory documentation is extensive, and for those new to food safety management, the new requirements can be overwhelming.

To learn more about FSMA, visit the FDA’s website.

Make sure you are FSMA compliant

To help prepare you for seamless compliance to FDA’s expanded requirements under FSMA, NSF Euro Consultants can provide the following essential services:

  • An online tool that enables you to quickly assess your level of FSMA compliance and to guide your action plan: The “FSMA readiness tool”.F
  • SMA training for your internal teams. Qualifying training to designate a qualified person for the control of the preventive measures, recognized by the FDA: PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual).
  • An on-site audit, the “FSMA readiness audit”, which assesses the adequacy of the documentation, the effectiveness of the procedures and the capacity to implement preventive and corrective measures, in accordance with the requirements of the FSMA.
  • Documentation help: our consultants can help you to prepare the documentation which may be requested by the FDA
  • Operational assistance: provision of an experienced PCQI in your product category, for the validation of your food safety plan and associated preventive measures
  • Accompanying the Foreign Supplier Audit Program to ensure compliance to the US regulation
  • A platform for document management: our NSF TraQtion tool (

FSMA Readiness assessment

NSF Euro Consultants has developed audits for the supply chain to help evaluate readiness for compliance with the U.S. FDA’s expanded requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). We offer audits specific to three key industry sectors: food processors, animal feed producers and importers.

Our FSMA readiness audits evaluate current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and preventive controls to assist facilities in understanding where they have opportunities for improving adherence to the FSMA rules. These are not regulatory audits, but help a facility prepare for the new regulatory requirements.

FSMA readiness is essential to the success of your business in this new regulatory environment.

PCQI training sessions in Europe

NSF Euroconsultants supports and collaborates with different scheme holders who organize PCQI trainings throughout Europe. For more information on dates and locations you can clik on one of the links beneath :

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page.

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