Optimizing your products

  • Composition of your products.
  • Nutritional value of your products.
  • Organoleptic criteria of your products.
  • Validating and managing scope statements.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Reliability of your suppliers and their products.
  • Compliance of your products with the regulatory and legal requirements of the local market.
  • Competitive product placement (Benchmarking – following up science and technology).
    • Ensuring product quality by training human resources in:
      • safety and hygiene regulations,
      • knowledge of the market and legal requirements of the sector,
      • qualitative product evaluation,
      • management of scope statements,
      • designing private label products,
      • application of software programs.

Cases stories


Comparing competition between Belgian products (benchmarking)

NSF Euro Consultants has been organizing comparative studies of Belgian retail products for several years. The program is extensive: analysis of the appearance and taste of the product by tasting tests at the Brussels Sensory Centre, packaging studies (readability and clarity of information), product composition studies, price-quality analysis. Over 330 products have been tested; about 300 panels have been organized with a dozen of professional tasters…A project of over 50 working days.

Bibliographic evaluation of the quality non-European health products and food supplements

Five years ago, NSF Euro Consultants started with the bibliographic evaluation of the quality of health products and food supplements that are not available on the European market, in view of a Monde Sélection label. The project started in 2009 and so far 350 working days have been spent on the evaluation of over 1800 products.


Compliance of Belgian products with the new INCO 1169/2011-regulations

NSF Euro Consultants has validated the labels ( recipes, data sheets, proof prints) for different retail brands, one frozen food brand and two brands of organic products. The project started in September of 2013 and ended in late 2014, with the enactment of the INCO 1169/2011-regulations. The introduction of this legislation was followed up by 16 food technologists and 1 responsible supervisor. At the start of this project, 7 additional employees were hired. Over 3000 labels were validated by NSF Euro Consultants.

Product evaluation bases on organoleptic criteria

NSF Euro Consultants organizes tasting panels in its 4 branches in Belgium, France, Bulgaria and Romania. It helps customers to develop and improve their food and non-food products with different types of tests: home testing, panels with 60 tasters, introductory panels, aging studies etc.


Optimizing product scope statements

NSF Euro Consultants chose to partner with Keendo, creator of the K.Retail application. This software aims to centralize all product information while ensuring security, privacy and traceability of data through a workflow. Intuitive and user friendly, it reduces considerablely encoding time and validation of definitive documentation. Furthermore, it does not require training by a third party. We can study the recovery of your current data from any other tool.

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