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  • Feasibility of your project.
  • Commercial potential of your project.
  • Project quality (impact, effectiveness, sustainability, etc.).
  • Competitive positioning of your project (Benchmarking).
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Quality improvement of human resources through operational, practical, interactive and relevant training.
  • Implementation and management of local, national and international projects.
  • Etc.

Cases stories


Implementation and management of a Tunisian project

NSF Euro Consultants has helped the Tunisian quality and hygiene team of Délice-Danone to master several training techniques: management of a training room (comfort, space, sound, brightness), learning styles, memory training, the 8 intelligences, cognitive styles, crisis management, group management. During these training sessions several techniques were applied to themes related to the good practices in food industry. The Délice-Danone group is now offering internal training sessions and is able to use reliable indicators to evaluate them.

Implementation and management of a European project

The European Commission’s ‘Better Training for Safer Food’ project aims at setting up a European training program regarding the food and feed legislation, the legislation on the health and well-being of animals, and the plant and grain legislation, somewhere between 2009 and 2015. As part of this project, NSF Euro Consultants was asked to organize training sessions on food safety for over 3000 European and non-European inspectors. These training sessions favour the objective and efficient use of reconciled control systems in the member states, which in turn enables companies to compete at an equal level. Some training programs inform non-European employees on European import regulations and on the inspections they have to carry out before exporting their goods to the European Union.


Satisfaction analysis of TEC passengers (Wallonia-Belgium)

TEC is a public company in charge of common transport in Wallonia. In 2014 it decided to replace its old ticket validators and paper bus cards with digital cards and card readers. This pilot project, TEC IT EASY, has one major purpose: making life easier for customers.
During the 10 month test period, NSF Euro Consultants collected and analysed the opinions of the new card users through an online survey. The survey included immediate feedback and suggestions of the card users, which led to the optimization of this test project. The project will soon enter its final phase in which the system will be applied on the entire TEC network.

Determine the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of a project in Belarus

NSF Euro Consultants has successfully completed one of the ongoing projects within the outline agreement « FWC COM 2011 » of the European Commission. The purpose of this project was to conduct a mid-term evaluation of the permanent PAA 2009 program “Support to quality infrastructure in the republic of Belarus -– Food Safety”. Our role is to determine the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the program in order to prepare and finalize the reports that are necessary to conclude the project.


Investigate the commercial potential of a project

A global producer of pre-prepared fries wanted to measure the commercial potential of a new variety of fries for the traditional fries stall market in Belgium .NSF Euro Consultants and its French partner CHD Expert investigated the potential of this project in two phases. The first phase was strictly qualitative. Some thirty owners of a fries stall were interviewed. These interviews showed their different points of view on the selection and preparation of fries. The observed behaviour patterns had to be quantified and statistically validated in the second phase. About a dozen NSF Euro Consultants expert auditors were deployed to visit over 300 fries stalls. Due to the multivariate statistical analyses of this extensive professional panel, it was possible to create comprehensive mapping of different profiles within this market. This investigation made it possible to model the commercial potential of the new concept.

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