Service Level Agreements (SLA) in foodservice and catering

Goal: improve catering & foodservice quality

Methodology: installment of a 360° SLA approach

For: companies and organisations who are outsourcing (or planning to outsource) their catering activities

Managing catering services can cause major headaches

Your internal client (employee, student, patient or resident) is not happy about the quality of catering? Are you requested to improve the catering services? Are the unions or employee representatives complaining? Is your current catering partner unable to meet your demands or those of your internal clients?

Are you having trouble translating these requirements and questions into objective and measureable requirements? Would you love to integrate those elements into your existing catering contract?

Or are you just launching a new catering tender but don’t know where to start?

How to close that gap between expectations and experience?

Step 1 : In order to improve that match between expectations and delivered services, you can:

  • Identify the customer’s needs and aspirations. Look further than just the food, but also have a look at what aspires your internal customer. This can be related to health, fairtrade, organic of bio labelled food, local sourcing, waste, and much more. A good survey can be a starting point to capture that information. Where applicable, make sure you involve the unions in this process
  • Do the same, but in a less formal way, with the most important stakeholders, such as facility services, contract manager, procurement, managing directors. Make sure you capture their priorities too.
  • Take into account your organizations values. If your company has a strong focus on sustainability this should also reflect in your choices of suppliers and the catering services that are offered in your premises
  • Collect others sources of information, or have a look at other catering environments to inspire yourself of good (or bad) examples

Step 2 : Once you know what you want, start defining your needs in an objective way.

  • Work out a good specifications document that keeps in account the previous elements
  • Try to be objective and define measurable criteria (service levels)
  • Get your catering company around the table to engage on these service levels (that’s why we call it a Service Level Agreement or SLA)

Step 3 : When you have reached an agreement with your catering company, make sure you monitor their performance during the duration of the contract.

  • Agree on a quality assurance schemes that monitor the performance and evaluates compliance against your SLA
  • Evaluate the performance objectively and install review procedures so that the SLA and monitoring scheme adapts to changing needs and situations

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) in Foodservice

NSF Euro Consultants has developed a unique and innovative approach that aims to accompany and mobilize all actors in optimizing and maintaining

  • The quality of the offered food
  • The quality of service

After all, healthy and safe food cannot overcome the lousy service experience.

Both axes are brought together in a 360° approach, taking into account the needs and expectations of all stakeholders from the consumer all the way to the top management.

A better response from the catering company to those needs and requirements is a key element in making your facility services a success and keeping your internal customer satisfied and healthy.

Making sure that a win-win relationship is created and maintained between all players is our main objective. We help our customers and their suppliers to foster a real partnership that will result in developing and implementing added value and innovative services.

By applying the NSF Euro Consultants SLA Approach you will…

  • improve consumer satisfaction rates
  • experience less complaints about food- or service quality
  • improve the meal quality and make sure they meet with consumer needs and aspirations
  • measure and improve the impact on your consumers health
  • guarantee that caterers respect the contractual specifications
  • improve your brand image as you take better care of your people
  • optimize the procurement process for catering services
  • make sure you select the right catering partner for your needs

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