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Financing your projects

For over 15 years, NSF Euro Consultants has been maintaining relationships with project funders, – among which the European Commission and the World Bank – within the framework of its development aid activities.
At the same time, the company has been collaborating with key players in the retail, catering and food industry, ever since 1990.

Due to its comprehensive knowledge of both sectors, the group has obtained a great deal of experience in seeking institutional funding for players in the private market.

In just over 15 years, NSF Euro Consultants has become an expert in these areas and positioned itself as a full partner for its customers.

  • Establishing the needs of private organisations
  • Knowing the specific demands of the project funders
  • Ensuring that private projects meet the expectations of the project funders

Since 2015, NSF Euro Consultants and the Belgian Bankers Academy form a strategic partnership

The BBA works in the banking, financial and insurance industries in Belgium and internationally. It focuses on three business lines: audit and consultancy, training, and private sector development.

“The partnership strengthens NSF Euro Consultants Group’s ONE-STOP-SHOP approach by bringing financial industry skills and expertise, notably for the Group’s activities in institutional financing for private sector companies.” Jean-Jacques Adam, CEO, NSF-ECG

“Thanks to NSF Euro Consultants support, BBA will strengthen its technical and administrative research and project management organization and accelerate its growth.” André Taymans, Chairman of the Board of Directors, BBA.

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