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Co-operating with project funders

NSF Euro Consultants has taken up a broad range of activities in development aid which are financed by important project funders. The group is active in some thirty countries. When working on development projects and providing technical guidance, NSF Euro Consultants is able to rely on its internal specialists (vets, agricultural engineers, MD’s), in addition to its team of project and backstopping managers.

Our range of activities in agri-food and quality

Extending institutional capacity in sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS)

  • Supporting the proper authorities in food chain security.
  • Drafting up legislation and regulation related to food security.
  • Training inspectors in all legislation concerning food, traceability, RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed), feed, nutritional information and labelling, chemical and biological safety and food hygiene.
  • Advice on organizing official audits.

Supporting quality infrastructures and conformity assessment authorities

  • Supporting regulatory authorities in drafting up standards
  • Supporting accreditation authorities
  • Support of conformity assessment authorities : laboratories and inspection (ISO 17025, ISO 17020)
  • Metrology

Implementing management systems

Training, advice, research, implementation, coaching, audits (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Quality Security Environment System)

Implementing food safety management systems

Training, advice, implementation, coaching, control, audits (HACCP, best hygiene practices, ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, traceability)

Expertise and advice in agriculture

  • Expertise and advice in agricultural production, crops, livestock, aquaculture and fisheries
  • Expert advice on date production
  • Support for cooperatives and associations
  • Sector studies

Development aid for nutrition and food sovereignty projects

Development aid for the food industry (including SME’s)

  • Diagnostics and upgrade plans
  • Sector studies and development of value chains
  • Studies on strategic positioning
  • Market studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Activity planning
  • Management of product systems
  • Implementation of upgrades and industrial development
  • Technical support in human resources, management, administration and finance.

Cases stories

ecg b21

Food safety training for inspectors within the European ‘Better Training for Safer Food’ program

As part of the ‘Better Training for Safer Food’ program of the European Commission, NSF Euro Consultants has played a leading role in setting up a European training strategy regarding the food and feed legislation, the legislation on the health and wellbeing of animals and phytosanitary regulations, ever since 2009. NSF Euro Consultants is organizing training sessions on food safety for over 3000 European and non-European inspectors. These training sessions have to ensure the homogenous, effective and objective use of control methods in the member states, in order to enable companies of the food industry to compete at an equal level. Some training programs help non-European staff to understand the import conditions that are imposed by the European Union and clarify which mandatory inspections they have to go through before the goods are shipped to the European Union.

Training and technical support for operators in the value chain of the date palm industries in Moroccan oases

Morocco has been granted a budget within the « Millennium Challenge Account » which aims to increase the economic growth. The orchard fruit project funded under the MCA-Morocco program provides for the development of fertile adapted fruit varieties. NSF Euro Consultants used its expertise to improve the fruitage and sustainability of the phoenicicole sector (date palms) at various levels of the value chain. This was achieved by setting up in-field intervention units and synergies, with as corollary support and technical assistance, direct supervision, management, training, advice and the necessary expertise to bring all initiated actions within the selected parameters (palmeries) to a successful end.


Kazakhstani cooperation agreement on food security and admission to the WTO

NSF Euro Consultants has supported the Kazakhstani Ministry of Health in developing a national strategy on food security, standards compliance, health regulations and the expansion of laboratory services. The World Bank has funded about 1000 man-days of expertise between 2010 and 2012.

Studies on development opportunities in 5 industrial branches (packaging, cassava, processed fruits, cement, metallurgy) and a study of the industrial landscape in DRC

Thanks to funding by the World Bank, NSF Euro Consultants managed to investigate 5 industrial branches (packaging, cassava, processed fruits, cement, metallurgy) and to make an overview of the industrial landscape for the Comité de Pilotage de la Réforme des Entreprises Publiques in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These studies were designed to analyse the development potential of these industries.


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