Spotlights on the WIN Programme

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Awex initiated the United Nations Agencies Day at Dolce in Genval on 8 October. The Euro consultants’ WIN Programme (Ways to Improve Nutrition) had been selected in advance by several agencies (UNDP, UNOPS, UNFPA and more particularly UNICEF), as well as by the International Red Cross/Crescent Federation. Flory Fraipont had the opportunity to present our initiative and to open a dialogue with the agencies about their local actions concerning “food safety and nutrition”.

The innovative element in our approach has been noticed and appreciated. The delegates of AWEX Genève (WHO – World Health Organisation) and Copenhagen (UNGM – United Nations Global Market Place) participated also in these B2I discussions. Our WIN Programme partner for Community Development and Self-management has been solicited for ‘EBOLA crisis’ actions in order to train communities in their fight against this epidemic.

This partner, the non-profit organisation “The Community Life Competence”, has built up its experience in the fight against HIV/Aids, but its know-how can as well be applied in the fight against severe anaemia and water-borne diseases or any other contamination disease that has to be controlled by local populations who are directly involved.

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