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The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) was founded in 2000, uniting all the worldwide actors of food transformation and distribution around a single goal: to determine and publicise common standards on food security.

The organisation publicises a common hub where certification standards/norms in the sector can be recognised, thus allowing for international recognition and leading to certifications awarded by third party organisations. These certificates constitute the baseline requirements for food processors that wish to demonstrate their control over the security of their products to their clients/partners.

Smaller companies often have a hard time earning the certificate, for numerous reasons: lack of human or financial resources, lack of time, too many requirements, long delays before obtaining the certificate….

To solve this issue, the GFSI Global Markets work group has developed an IFS Global Market Food standard that leads small and medium-sized enterprises through a process of continuous improvement of their food security management systems.

Euro Consultants Group has been heavily involved in this programme since its creation, and has now become partners with IFS with regards to:

  • Supporting the SME’s before the IFS Global Market Food assessment, through training courses, audits and consulting with the SME’s looking to obtain the certificate.
  • The IFS Global Market Food assessment

First IFS audit in France

At ECOCERT’s request, Grégory Wikart, IFS auditor for Diagal (our French subsidiary), will be carrying out one of the very first audits to take place in France in accordance with the IFS Global Market standard.

First seminar in Bulgaria

The IFS Academy Bulgaria is officially open for business! The first IFS FOOD v.6 seminar took place in Sofia on the 15th of May. Representatives of the large-scale retailing sector, the production sector, certification bodies and numerous consultants attended.

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