The Sofia EuroSensoLab show

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EC BUL’s senso division revealed certain secrets regarding the way food interacts with human senses. For ten days, the audience was able to visit an open-air exhibition entitled “A Sense of Food” right in the heart of Sofia – Cristal Park. Twenty-eight pictures that told surprising stories and explained how food mobilises our five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

The hosts wanted to emphasize the importance of food quality and to remind the consumers that it is by savouring food and drinks every day that they analyse them via their senses. Indeed, they might not be aware of the things that make them love or hate certain foods. The show brought them a few answers and demonstrated how the consumer’s taste can influence the success or the failure of a product on the market.

EC BUL opened its specialized laboratory at the beginning of the year. Its main activity is the sensory analysis of food and non-food products in order to help the producers to develop products that suit Bulgarian tastes.

The show “A Sense of Food” was organised with the friendly cooperation of the Sofia Cultural Municipal Direction as part of the Outdoor Galeries initiative, which helps projects that encourage learning in an interesting way.

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